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Reducing Premiums - special rates

Insurance costs can be reduced by maximising the security of your vehicle.

Advanced Driving
If you completed a recognised driving course, insurance companies will consider you a safer driver and lower your insurance. The best is the Advanced Driving Test which is approved by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM). Visit the IAM website for more details.

Skid Control
Spending a few hours on a skid pan will teach you how to handle your car safely in an emergency situation. The Skid Pan holds that car so the wheels are just touching the ground giving the vehicle very low levels of grip. The vehicle skids easily and can therefore be used to safely practice skid control. This may reduce your insurance but even if it doesn't, these skills could save your life.

Other Courses
Any course that improves your driving skills such as track racing or rally car racing is good. They may not reduce your insurance, but the more experience and skill you have the less likely you are to be involved in an accident. This will help you maintain your no claims bonus and indirectly reduce your insurance costs.

If you are female, insurance companies will consider you more responsible whilst driving and therefore a safer driver. Some companies will offer a reduction if you have a shotgun license. You are considered to be more responsible and therefore a safer driver. Speak to insurance companies to find out what special rates they can offer.


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