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Courtesy Car Some insurance companies will provide a basic vehicle for you to use whilst your vehicle is being repaired. If your vehicle is critical to your work, this option can be invaluable. The cost of the courtesy car will usually be reflected in the cost of the policy. 
Excess You will be required to pay this amount on any claim you make. A high excess can make small claims impractical. Always check this and go for the lowest you can find.
IAM - Institute of Advanced Motorists  An organisation that promotes advanced driving skills.
No Claims Discount (NCD) Every year you have insurance but do not make a claim, you build up your NCD. This is measured in years and can give you up to 60% discount.
Protected No Claims Discount (PNCD) Protected No Claims discount allows you to make a certain number of claims without losing your NCD. This costs slighty more on your premium but could save you thousands. If you have an accident, your premium will rise slightly at renewal as the accident will still be on your record.
Thatcham Located in Berkshire, this is where all official vehicle safety and security tests are carried out.

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