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Choosing an insurance company

You have to decide very carefully what requirements you will have for your motor insurance. Virtually every UK car insurance company will offer different levels of cover and service and it can be tricky relating this to the price quoted.

When choosing car insurance companies and assessing their suitability create a list of your requirements such as cover type, policy excess, guaranteed courtesy car, no-claims protection, payment options etc and fill this in for each company. If an insurer fails to meet your specific requirements then cross it off and carry on.

Eventually you will have a variety of options and you can choose the insurance company with the cheapest premium and best cover for your particular circumstances.

Some reputable UK insurance providers like are now offering inclusive cover for accidents involving uninsured drivers on their policies, whereby the insurance excess is waived and no-claims discount is protected if you are hit by a driver without valid insurance. UK premiums have risen by around 30% in 2011 as a direct result of losses caused by uninsured drivers.

The best way to find the cheapest car insurance quote is simply to use price comparison websites such as Bear in mind that some insurers do not advertise on price compare sites Direct Line being one such company. Never accept the first insurance quote without getting at least 4 more.

Getting quotes by telephone

The traditional way of getting quotes involves spending hours on the phone with a list of insurance companies. You have to repeat your details to each company which is time consuming but you have the advantage of haggling by quoting lower prices from other insurers.

Getting quotes online

A much less time-consuming way is to use online insurance quotation systems which are offered by all the UKs main insurance providers. Unless you visit a price comparison site you have to manually fill in the information for each quote which can be frustrating. Insurance price comparison sites solve this issue by providing consolidated quotes from over 100 companies and brokers, ordered by price. Although you may have to wait longer for a response, this can save you time and effort.

All of these insurance companies can give you an underwritten quote online within minutes.

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