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Reducing Premiums - car security

Insurance costs can be reduced by maximising the security of your vehicle.

Depending on where you live, insurance companies will decide the risk of theft in your area. The higher the risk, the higher the cost of insurance. Your postcode or street will be used to decide this. If you live in a high crime area, moving will help reduce insurance costs.

Cars parked on the street are easier to steal than cars parked on a driveway. Cars parked on a driveway are easier to steal than cars parked in a locked garage. If possible, use the driveway or garage as you will be asked and it could help reduce your premium.

Security Devices
If your vehicle is fitted with a tested and approved security system, insurance companies may reduce your premium. These are usually in the form of alarms. The vehicle test centre in Thatcham, Berkshire is responsible for categorising security devices. They will be given a class rating. Only consider an alarm that is classified as Thatcham Class 1 or 2. The more desirable your vehicle is to thieves, the greater impact this will have on your insurance costs. 


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