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Car Maintenance

10% of all accidents are caused by mechanical failure. Use this guide on car maintenance to reduce the possibility of failure. Remember, a vehicle with an MOT is not necessarily safe to drive. If you have neglected maintenance you could be liable if it is the cause of an accident.

Always have your car serviced regularly. A trained mechanic can spot many potential problems before they become serious. Brakes and suspension are the most likely cause of an accident after tyres so pay particular attention to these.

Before any long journeys check tyre condition and pressure levels. Check your vehicles manual for the recommended tyre pressures. Remember these pressures should be increased when carrying heavy loads. Tyres with low pressure are less efficient and can increase fuel costs.

Check the level of wear on the tyres. You will be fined if they are worn beyond the legal limit. Most tyres have indicators to show the level of tread. If the tyre is worn flat to the indicator then it needs to be replaced. Tread depth gauges can be purchased for little cost from most vehicle accessory shops.

Don't forget to check the spare wheel and any jacking equipment provided with the vehicle. Familiarise yourself with the procedure for changing wheels. The standard socket spanners provided can be too small so consider investing in an extendible socket spanner.

Other Checks
Before any long journeys, check oil and water levels and top up if necessary. Also make sure the windscreen washer fluid is topped up. 

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