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Car insurance groups for Westfield Kit Cars

One of the UK's leading manufacturers of hand built sports cars, Westfield offer self-assembly or fully built vehicles with a high performance lightweight chassis.

WestfieldCurrent Westfield cars utilise tuned versions of the GM 1.6 VXR engine, the Ford Zetec 1800 and 2 litre Duratec – with some incorporating high tech 1300cc Suzuki bike engines.

A full list of current and previous Westfield car models is available at Westfield World.

In 2010 Westfield entered the Hybrid arena with the ‘Sport Turbo' as well as developing the ‘IRacer' electric car – launched at the Geneva Motor Show.

Westfield Car Insurance

Westfield car insurance is only available from specialist sports car insurance companies. The UK insurance group system does not cater for kit cars, but the summary specification of Westfield's latest sports cars (including 0-60 figures) is included in the table below:

Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
1800 Westfield 2dr 6.5 -
1800 Speed Sport Westfield 2dr 5.3 -
S8 Club Westfield 2dr 4.3 -
FW400 Westfield 2dr 4.0 -
FW400 Westfield 2dr 3.5 -

For details of companies who will provide cheap insurance for the Westfield , click here

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