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Insurance groups for TVR Cars

Specialist UK sports car manufacturer TVR ceased vehicle production in 2006. TVR cars featured a tubular steel framed chassis with a reinforced fibreglass body alongside a tuned Straight-6 or V8 engine, delivering breathtaking performance due to their impressive power-weight ratio.

TVRClassic cars from this British car manufacturer included the TVR Cerbera, TVR Chimaera, the TVR Griffith, Sagaris and Tuscan convertible.

None have a regular UK insurance group, so specialist car insurance is required from one of the UKs leading sports car insurance companies.

TVR Car Insurance

Insuring a TVR can be surprisingly cheap through an insurance provider specialising in high performance cars. Sports car insurance policies normally stipulate a maximum annual mileage and may require a good driving history. Car insurance for TVR Cerbera, Chimaera or Griffith can also be obtained from

TVR Insurance Groups

The 0-60 performance figures and fuel consumption for each TVR car model are given in the table below:

TVR Chimaera
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
4.5 V8 TVR Chimaera 2dr 4.7 20
5.0 V8 TVR Chimaera 2dr 4.1 20


TVR Griffith
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
5.0 V8 TVR Griffith 500 2dr 4.1 20


TVR Tuscan Speed Six
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
4.2 V8 TVR Tuscan Speed Six 2dr 4.2 20


TVR Cerbera
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
4.0 Speed Six TVR Cerbera 2dr 4.4 20
4.2 V8 Speed Six TVR Cerbera 2dr 4.2 20
4.5 V8 Speed Six TVR Cerbera 2dr 3.9 20

For details of companies who will provide cheap insurance for the TVR , click here

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