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Temporary Car Insurance

Whilst most motor insurance policies run for a full 12 month period, there are many occasions when temporary car insurance is required particularly if you require comprehensive cover to allow someone else to drive your car or you need car insurance to drive a vehicle that is not under your ownership.

Short term car insurance typically provides cover from one day to 28 days in duration. Weekly car insurance cover is also available from several UK insurers. Temporary car insurance avoids the need to permanently add additional named drivers onto your standard UK insurance policy, thus avoiding a raised insurance premium over a long period.

Short term insurance offers the added benefit of protecting the no claims bonus on your regular policy in the event of the other driver damaging your car or being involved in an accident. The same peace of mind is offered when you buy temporary car insurance to drive someone else's car - their no-claims bonus is protected in the event of you damaging their vehicle.

One Day Car Insurance

Daily car insurance allows you flexibility to insure your car for a single day, or any number of days as required suiting your personal circumstances. Most 1 day car insurance providers impose age restrictions (particularly for drivers under 21) and a full driving license is required to buy a policy.

Cheap short term car insurance is available from or You can obtain a single day car insurance quote or a price for daily insurance cover from their website.

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