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Insurance Groups for Smart Cars

With distinctive looks and low running costs, a Smart car makes real sense for city driving, offering easy parking and exceptional fuel economy through advanced Start-Stop engine technology.

Smart CarsAlso designed with safety in mind, Smart cars incorporate a Tridion safety cell providing excellent all-round collision protection for the car’s occupants, despite their small size.

Smart cars are cheap to insure with the Smart Fortwo coupe and chic Smart Fortwo Cabrio coming close to the lowest UK insurance group for base models – Group 2. A full list of Smart car insurance groups for Pure, Pulse, Limited, Brabus and Passion specification Smarts are provided in the table below.

The Smart car range comes with a choice of 3 cylinder petrol engines and an economical (if slow) turbodiesel. Combined cycle fuel economy is around 67mpg at best and Micro Hybrid Drive models also benefit from being exempt from the London congestion charge. Not surprisingly, Smart car performance is modest with slow 0-60 times in excess of 13 seconds, with only the 89BHP and 102BHP Turbo Petrol Engines (the latter being fitted to the Brabus Smart Car) offering good acceleration figures.

Smart vehicles only available on the used car market include the Smart Forfour – a larger supermini; also available “Brabus prepared” with 177PS and a 0-60 time of 6.9 seconds.

Smart Car Insurance

One of the cheapest cars to insure and run, a Smart Fortwo Coupe or Cabrio is suitable for anyone seeking first time insurance or a student car. Compare Smart car insurance at which offers price comparison with over 100 UK insurers. An alternative low cost insurance quote can be obtained at

Smart Car Insurance Groups

Summary specifications for Smart cars are listed below alongside the insurance band for each model:

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