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Car insurance groups for Renault

In recent years Renault has pioneered the development of Eco friendly cars and radical concept vehicles like the quirky Twizy and Fluenze Z.E. Electric car (to be launched in 2012). A brand new Renault Twingo also launches in early 2012. It will be one of the first city cars available with an ultra-clean Euro 5 compliant diesel engine.

RenaultThe new Renault Clio insurance group for the 1.5dCi variant starts at Group 5 making it cheap to insure and run thanks to its impressively low CO2 output, which at under 100g/km means no UK Road Tax is payable.

Alongside its French counterpart Citroen, Renault insurance groups are kept low thanks to the cheap repair costs of the vehicles. Renault's new car line-up includes the stylish Renault Megane Hatch and Coupe, the spacious Renault Scenic, as well as the luxurious Laguna and family friendly Renault Espace and Kangoo MPV's. The insurance group for each car is provided in table below together with summary specifications.

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We Recommend: Renault Clio

This French produced supermini was first launched in 1990 and in the UK in 1991. Since then it has undergone three major revisions and several facelifts but has remained a very popular car and has been a major commercial success for its manufacturer.

Before its introduction Renault was experiencing some hard times particularly with its general reputation but all that was reversed by this excellent car which won the highly coveted European Car of the Year award on two separate occasions.

The first generation Clio was fairly boxy in style as was typical of cars of that era. The second generation Clio was launched in 1998 and had a much more rounded and aerodynamic body than its predecessor. It was also a very innovative design and incorporated alternative materials including plastic front wings and a part aluminium bonnet. Further restyling of the model in 2001 brought the car up to date with sculptured headlights and overall improvements to the car's interior.

The third and current generation of the Clio was launched in 2006 and is quite different from the previous models. It is significantly larger and is generally more up-market with a higher price-tag. A Sport Tourer was launched in 2007 which adds a considerable amount of practicality combined with low running costs.

Renault have produced two hot versions of the Clio. These are the Clio V6 and the Clio Renaultsport. The first of these was a radical shift in overall design. The engine was mounted behind the driver and the rear seats and most of the boot disappeared. Although it appealed to a limited number of enthusiasts, it was not practical as a road car.

The Renaultsport model is simply a hot hatch Clio with an upgraded 2.0 litre engine, a restyled body kit and much improved suspension, steering and brakes. It does what is says on the tin, and although not the hottest of hot hatches, it does perform very well.

Renault Insurance Groups

Current car insurance ratings for all Renault cars are included in the list below:

Renault Clio
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
1.2 Liberte Renault Clio 3dr 15.0 2/3
1.2 Liberte Renault Clio 5dr 15.0 2/3
1.4-16v Alize Renault Clio 3dr 10.5 5
1.4-16v Alize Renault Clio 5dr 10.5 5
1.4-16v Etoile Renault Clio 3dr 10.5 5
1.4-16v Etoile Renault Clio 5dr 10.5 5
1.6 RSi Renault Clio 3dr 12.9 5/6
2.0 Sport Renault Clio 3dr 6.8 16
1.9 dTi Si Renault Clio 3dr 12.8 5
1.9 dTi Si Renault Clio 5dr 12.8 5

Renault Megane
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
1.4 Liberte Renault Megane 4/5dr 13.8 4
1.6 RT Renault Megane 4/5dr 9.8 7/11
1.6 Alize Renault Megane 4/5dr 9.8 7/11
1.6 Alize Renault Megane Coupe 9.8 7/11
1.6 Alize Renault Megane Cabrio 9.8 7/11
2.0 Alize Renault Megane Coupe 8.6 13
2.0 Alize Renault Megane Cabrio 8.6 13
1.9 Tdi RXE Renault Megane 4/5dr 11.6 6/8

Renault Kangoo
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
1.4 RN Renault Kangoo 5dr 14.3 5
1.4 Alize Renault Kangoo 5dr 14.3 5
1.4 RXE  Renault Kangoo 5dr 14.3 5
1.9 d RN Renault Kangoo 5dr 19.5 4

Renault Scenic
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
1.4 Renault Scenic 5dr 12.9 -
1.6 RT Renault Scenic 5dr 11.2 -
2.0 Sport Alize Renault Scenic 10.2 -
2.0 RXE Renault Scenic 5dr 10.2 -
1.9TDi Monaco Renault Scenic 5dr 12.7 -

Renault Laguna
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
1.6 RT Renault Laguna 5dr 11.5 9/11
1.6 RT Renault Laguna Estate 11.5 9/11
1.8 Sport Renault Laguna 5dr 10.7 13
1.8 Sport Renault Laguna Estate 10.7 13
2.0 RTi 16v Renault Laguna 5dr 11.6 12
3.0 V6 Monaco Renault Laguna 5dr 7.7 16/17
1.9 DTi RT  Renault Laguna 5dr 12.5 9/11
1.9 DTi RT Renault Laguna Estate 12.5 9/11
1.9dCi RXE Renault Laguna 5dr 11.8 12/13
1.9dCi RXE Renault Laguna Estate 11.8 12/13

Renault Espace
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
2.0 Alize Renault Espace 7seats 11.6 13
2.0 RT-X Renault Espace 7 seats 11.6 13
2.2dt RT-XXRenault Espace 7 seats 14.5 12/13
2.2dt RXERenault Espace 7 seats 14.5 12/13
3.0 V6 RXE Renault Espace 7 seats 10.6 14
Grand 2.2dt RXE Renault Espace 7 seats 14.5 12/13

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