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Car insurance groups for Reliant

Famous for their many TV appearances on "Only Fools and Horses" and more recently for being rolled on BBC TV's "Top Gear", Reliant’s three wheel cars ceased production in 1998 but remain popular with a small group of ardent UK three wheeler car fans who buy them on the second hand market. Popular models include the Reliant Robin and Rialto. The insurance group for Reliant three wheelers are provided below.

ReliantThe first Reliant three wheeler was the Reliant Regal which suffered from very poor handling, with many considering it to be a ‘death trap’. Things improved with the Reliant Robin and later model Reliant Rialto which had better chassis design along with improved performance and handling.

It used to be possible to drive Reliant cars on motorbike insurance if you passed a full motorbike license. This changed back in October 2000, when the Reliant Robin and Reliant Rialto were re-classified as “light vehicles” for insurance purposes and included in Category B1 - requiring car insurance . The current insurance groups for Reliant vehicles are given below, with most being cheap to insure.

Cheap Reliant Car Insurance

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Reliant Car Insurance Groups

To check the UK insurance category for Reliant Robin and Rialto refer to the list below:

Reliant Robin
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
850 LX Reliant Robin Hatchback - 6
850 LX Reliant Robin Estate - 6
850 SLX Reliant Robin Hatchback - 6
850 Royale/BRG Reliant Robin Hatchback - 6

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