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Accident prevention tips

Although most accidents are caused by poor driving, many can also be prevented by defensive driving. Follow these simple steps to reduce risk and save lives.

  • Always wear seat belts. The driver is responsible for all children under 16 and you can be fined if they are not wearing seat belts.

  • Stay aware. Check you mirrors frequently to be aware of all vehicles around you but focus your attention on the road in front. Don't use your mobile phone whilst moving.

  • Expect the unexpected. Anticipate the actions of others and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Remember to increase distances in bad weather and at night time.

  • Consider advanced motoring courses. Most motorists have little experience of controlling a car in a skid. An hour spent on a skid pan can give you valuable experience and help prevent accidents.

10% of all accidents are caused by mechanical failure. Read our guide to car maintenance to reduce the possibility of failure.

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