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Insurance for Marcos Cars

Established back in 1959, Marcos cars suffered financial turmoil several times during the early 70s before finally going bankrupt in 2000.

MarcosCar production then re-started at the Marcos car factory thanks to a wealthy Canadian Tony Stelliga buying the company in 2002 resulting in the production of the Marcos Marcasite TS250.

Other Marcos car models produced between 1968 and 2000 included the Marcos Mantis, Mantula, Mantara and the Marcos TSO.

Marcos cars finally ceased as a sports car manufacturer on 9th October 2007. Niche sports cars from Marcos are not included in the UK insurance banding system and consequently none have an assigned regular insurance group.

Marcos Car Insurance

Sports car insurance companies and specialist classic car insurers will provide a quote to insure a Marcos sports car. Brief specifications for all Marcos sports cars are given below together with the insurance groups for each:

Marcos MantaRay / Mantis
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
4.0 V8 Rover Marcos MantaRay 5.0 20
4.6 V8 Rover Marcos MantaRay 4.8 20
4.0 V8 Ford Marcos Mantis 4.1 20
4.6 V8 Ford Marcos Mantis 3.8 20

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