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Insurance groups for Lexus cars

Lexus cars have a strong reputation for combining innovation in hybrid car technology and luxury, with an exciting range of eco-friendly vehicles, 4x4’s and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) now available in the UK. Popular models include the Lexus RX300, the RX450H and CT200H.

LexusChanges to UK car insurance groups (including Lexus ) were made back in early 2010 when insurance bands 1-20 were withdrawn in favour of a new system comprising 50 separate insurance group classifications (1-50) based on the actual cost of vehicle repair.

The insurance group for Lexus cars takes into account their high cost of repair with the Lexus CT200h being the cheapest to insure at insurance band 15-17. Finding cheap insurance for Lexus GS450h and RX450h is more challenging given their high insurance ratings of 41.

Cheap Lexus Insurance

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Lexus Insurance Groups

UK car insurance bands for all Lexus cars are included in the list below:

Lexus IS200
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
2.0 S Lexus IS200 9.5 12/13
2.0 SE Lexus IS200 9.5 12/13
2.0 Sport Lexus IS200 9.5 12/13

Lexus GS300
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
3.0 S Lexus GS300 4dr 8.2 16/17
3.0 SE Lexus GS300 4dr 8.2 16/17
3.0 Sport Lexus GS300 4dr 8.2 16/17

Lexus LS400
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
4.0 V8 Lexus LS400 6.9 19

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