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Car insurance groups for Caterham

Leaders in the field of ultra lightweight, performance cars, Caterham’s have become part of British motor racing heritage, producing some of the world’s fastest road-legal sports cars at a fraction of the price of a supercar.

Caterham cars require specialist car insurance in the UK. The popular Caterham Seven is available with a choice of engines, ranging from the Rover 1.4 K-Series in the Caterham Classic, to a 1.6 Ford Sigma power plant in the Caterham Supersport and a highly tuned 263PS Ford Duratec 2.0 in the Caterham Superlight sports car.

The company's focus on improving performance through weight reduction has resulted in the Caterham R400 achieving an incredible power-weight ratio of 400BHP per ton through the use of advanced carbon-fibre parts, whilst the Superlight Caterham R500 beats that with an unbelievable 520BHP per ton and 0-60 figure of a staggering 2.88 seconds.

Cheap Caterham Car Insurance

The insurance group of Caterham sports cars is not included in the UK banding system (1-50) and as a result Caterham car insurance can only be arranged through a specialist sports car insurance company.

Caterham Insurance Groups

A brief outline specification of each Caterham sports car is provided below, together with 0-60 acceleration figures:

Caterham Super Seven
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
1.6 Classic Caterham Super Seven 6.7 -
1.6 K-Series Caterham Super Seven 6.2 -
1.8 K-Series Caterham Super Seven 5.8 -
1.8 VVC Caterham Super Seven 4.9 -
1.8 Superlight R Caterham Super Seven 5.8 -
1.8 Superlight R500 Caterham Super Seven 3.4 -


Caterham C21
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
1.6 Caterham C21 2dr 6.4 -
1.8 Caterham C21 2dr 5.7 -
1.8 VVC Caterham C21 2dr 5.4 -
1.8 VHPD Caterham Super Seven 4.4 -

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