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Insurance groups for Bristol Cars

Niche luxury car manufacturer Bristol cars went into administration in March 2011 and the company was purchased by Kamkorp Autokraft. Pre-owned Bristol cars are popular with collectors of classic British sports cars and require specialist insurance cover from prestige car insurance companies.

Bristol cars include the Bristol Blenheim, Blenheim Speedster and Roadster, Bristol Series 6 and the Bristol Fighter fitted with an 8 litre V10 engine giving the car a 210mph top speed.

The car insurance group of these vehicles is not included in the latest UK insurance banding scheme.

Bristol Car Insurance

Given their collectors car status, Bristol car insurance must be obtained from UK underwriters specialising in prestige cars.

Bristol Insurance Groups

The table below lists 0-60 performance figures and summary specifications for Bristol cars:

Bristol Blenheim
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
5.9 V8 Bristol Blenheim 3 2dr 5.9 20

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