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Insurance groups for Bentley Cars

Offering the ultimate in supercar luxury, the new Bentley Continental and Mulsanne are hand-built driving icons, combining superb design with great performance.

Both models are complimented by the gorgeous Bentley GTC convertible, which is a stunning open-top luxury car with every refinement you’d expect for the £150,000 + price tag.

It comes as no surprise that Bentley insurance doesn’t come cheap, with both cars occupying the top UK insurance group.

Bentley Car Insurance

Given the very high insurance groups of Bentley cars, finding cheap car insurance is always going to be difficult – so we suggest comparing luxury car insurance using a price comparison website like Current insurance bands for each Bentley model are provided below.

To get an alternative Bentley insurance quote visit who do not feature on price comparison websites.

The car insurance group for each Bentley Continental, Mulsanne and GTC Convertible together with their 0-60 performance figures and summary specifications are provided in the table below:

Bentley Arnage
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
4.4V8 Green Label Bentley Arnage 4dr 6.2 20
6.8V8 Red Label Bentley Arnage 4dr   5.9 20

Bentley Continental / Azure
Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
Continental R Bentley Coupe 6.0 20
Continental T Bentley Coupe 5.7 20
Azure Bentley Convertible 6.3 20

For details of companies who will provide cheap insurance for the Bentley , click here

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