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Car insurance for AC Cars

AC Cars are steeped in history, having a rich heritage dating back to 1901 as Britainís oldest car manufacturer.

AC Sports Cars have become iconic and the new AC Mk VI is a hand-built racing thoroughbred, powered by a choice of high performance 6.2 litre V8 engine developing 440BHP as standard or 550BHP when supercharged.

The AC Mk VIís body is made from super-lightweight reinforced composite material with the supercharged car achieving a 3.5 second 0-60 sprint time. AC Cars offer superior handling by means of a triangulated tubular chassis with racing suspension, suitably adapted to be road legal in the UK.

AC Car Insurance

Performance cars from AC are not allocated a regular UK insurance group and as a result AC car insurance can only be arranged through a dedicated high performance car insurance provider.

AC Insurance Groups

The summary specification for each AC sports car is provided below, with 0-60 performance figures:

Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
4.6 V8 Convertible 4.2 20

Model 0 - 60 Insurance Group
4.6 V8 Aceca 6.9 20
5.0 V8 Aceca 6.1 20
4.6 V8 Ace 5.7 20
5.0 V8 Ace 5.5 20

For details of companies who will provide cheap insurance for the AC Superblower and AC Ace, click here

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